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I am a Canadian snowbird in SCG and I enjoy the Its A Grand Life Magazine very much...always take the time to read it.  Can relate to your story.... remember faces so well but names gone..... now I just say “Senior Brain .... your name has disappeared “ We have to just laugh about it.  Have a GRAND day!

~ Paul H. (Sun City Grand)


Oh! I love your publication. I just found the new issue in the mail and couldn't wait to go inside to read it. I love all of it but especially love the column by Olivia Black. I hope she knows she is a gifted writer and hope her career takes her into that path. So gifted at just 15. I also love the people that place ads so we readers know who are neighbors are and can use their services. Thanks for a great and "beloved" publication.

~ Sandra M (Marley Park)


Your magazine is reading material that I can’t wait to receive every month!   Keep up the good work.   

~ R. Akerman (Trilogy at Vistancia)

Let's See what some of our readership has to say about our community magazines. . . . .

Nancy McFillin I love the fact you beat Newland and CCMC to the punch by creating this Magazine.

Becky Gifford I love that you give the schools a platform to shine. They don't have many places to reach so many people who don't have kids in the system. A free whole page is unheard of in publishing.

Naomi-Larry Cash We love the sense of community

Kathe Nahrgang Deitchler I love the info provided to us that live here of services available to us.

Jim Samuelsen That your magazine is by Estrella residence for Estrella residence.

Terri-Jane Smith I love that you're an inclusive magazine that is open to everyone in the community.

Aleisha Bartel For the years when we didn't live here full time - Up The Hill kept us informed and connected to this amazing community.

Kari Noelle Nahgahgwon I love that it provides a snapshot of local businesses and provides important community updates.

Rosaleen Duritsa Love all the information about this community, and your dedication to it.

DD Waldron It provides relevant information for our sleepily little mountain town.

Terri Saunders ...that they're on facebook and I can get up to date info!

Alicia Salter-Wyse I love getting to know different families with the cover stories!

Allyson Buckley Knappenberger That is gives us an opportunity to buy/use Local businesses!

Debra Merrill Love having an informative community magazine. First neighborhood I lived in that has one!

Lori Newman I like the non-biased information and the personal touch of community.

Marc Bjork Up to date info on what community events are going on.

Pam Tunesi Dilluvio Up the hill is like our extended families.....reaching out and keeping this community "in the know"

Michael Stewart I like learning about community members and the diversity of experience in our community

Joan Mast Doyle Promoting local businesses.

Sharon Ormes Hinds Love the community connectedness - warts and all!!

Erik Bockholdt I like that it is a community minded publication that keeps us informed and in mind.

Dave Saunders It's free!

Diane Racheotes I love that it provides so many advertising opportunities for local businesses!

Elizabeth Macek I love that it is for the community by community members!

Theresa Classen Great information and stories.

Jennifer R. Schmus I love the cover family stories!

Symone Ramos It's a great way to get to know the community 

Jessica Stillwell I love that so many EMR businesses are in the magazine so I can shop local.

Danielle Fiacco-Smith It helps new people get familiar with the neighborhood.

Sara Gilligan I love the puzzle page! Of course, I never complete it. But one month I will!

Amber Cardenas Love finding out more about our community!

Mary Ann Winterich Coy It's a perfect way to stay informed with what's happening in our community!

Temo Orozco The sense of community it brings to our residents!

Dana Schoen Brady Love the closeness you feel as being a part of a wonderful community.

Arlene Henowich Metcalfe I love that I can see smiles of the residents in our community and put names with those faces!

Glenn Etheridge I love the various articles on residents and all the businesses advertised who reside in EMR. Try to keep business in the community.

Deborah Padgett Woodrum I love keeping up with local events.

Peggie Skaggs Very nice marketing tool Al. I love the pictures and the stories about residents.

Liz Sheridan I love the photos of the scenery and residents.

Gena Rose I love seeing people I know in it

Amber Gaines Burwell I love learning more about my community.

Dianne Clay Love to know what's going on!

Leslie Bausch Betts I love seeing what's happening in community!

Veronica Mercado Walsh I love that it provides Estrella residents with a sense of community

Candace Hope Weir Love keeping up with local events and knowing where to shop local

Melody Mlagan I love the neighborly feeling up here

Julia Everts Love being in the know about things and the friendly people in the community.

Donna Rossman It's a way of knowing what others have to offer. Whether it is a business near by or advice. It is a way of feeling connected to everyone in this beautiful community.

Laurie Knapp I love getting it in my mailbox every month.

Nicole Smith West I love that it helps us "keep it local"!!!

Allison Beard It's written FOR residents BY residents!

Amy Wade Love that it's by those in the community for our community keeps us in the know about upcoming events, and helps keep EMR res. informed on local businesses smile emoticon

Pamela Marie McMiller It's about the community that I live in

Bret McLeod Nice! Great info for the community!

Sandy Bowen Evanko The human interest stories of my neighbors, living in Estrella Mountain Ranch!

Jodi Valentine Maynard Live and love local ... Events, community and businesses!!

Georgia Leon Love getting it in the mail every month and love that it has the list of community businesses. 

Laura Schulz I love the pics and the learning about the new community businesses and the events.

Kelly Olson Stewart I love the local focus

Herb Horner To give support to the local businesses that advertise in Up the Hill

Lenore Simon Advertorials

Ashley Mckibben Lindsey Love that it's something in my mailbox that isn't a BILL smile emoticon plus I just love the reads and good info!

Debbie Coates Belanger I like reading about our residents in Estrella! smile emoticon

Jennifer Rose Prangley I love reading about our neighbors and find g out what is going on in our neighborhood.

Chelsea Taylor I like knowing that I will find dates and events that take place!  Thank you.

Andrea Morielli I like hearing all the news of the community. I work a lot of hours now, but hope to be able to participate more when I retire in a few years. EMR is such a great community.

Natalie Badolato I like knowing about all the events. Happy New Year, everybody.

Janet Sweet I like reading about the local people and businesses.

Kate Ott I knowing about events and use it to find local businesses

Tanya Andre Mooney it helps me to live I am retired and remember to take time and relax a little instead of work, work, work smile emoticon makes me feel like I'm living in a small town

Tane Urrea I love seeing all the good that our community does to help one another!

Kellie Ibarra Zimmerman I like seeing what is happening in the community

Matthew Still The local business connection

Jessica Wedin That's funny! I love this magazine, though!

Veronica Camacho I love the local business information and calendars.

Erin Betsch Luden Love the photos and learning about all the great things that this community has to offer.

Tina McElveen England It keeps me informed about local events

Marty Wright It's the best bathroom reading material. Short and sweet!!

Silvia Giannetto Coles Love finding out about our community

Lena Burnham I enjoy the calendar, knowing what's coming up. Also to be able to see the local businesses

Sue Smith There is lots of good Estrella information to be found in Up The Hill.

Diana Shelton Love reading about the families that moved to EMR

Angela Freeze Love know who all are up here with a small business. Keeping our community in business! 

Sam Knowles The calendar.

Anita D'Agostino Acciardo I like the various themes presented.

Gail Davidsmeyer I enjoy all of the local information the most. It helps when I'm in need of an emergency service! Thanks.

Kathy Callahan Brinkman Love the photos and learning about all the great thing that this community has to offer. 

Jennifer Fulop Murray Photos and learning about what is going on in the community!

Sheryl Jack White I love the Sara Gilligan kids' articles. And, the vendors page

Caitlin Goodrich Nalder Love finding out more about our awesome community and seeing friends in it!

Christa Schwerzler So awesome! Love all the local photos and information about the community.

Donna Shull Stevenson Love our great neighbors!!!

Darleen Deal Love the articles by teens FOR teens. Great concept that encourages both readers AND writers! wink emoticon

Marc Strick I enjoy the informational reads about things going on in the community and landscaping tips.

Kirsten Mohr Everitt-Sharpe The local businesses are helpful when you need something done.

Jacci Jones We love that it's by local about local.

Michelle Giaquinto-Jacoby It has a great small town paper feel.

Kim Shoecraft Hale Love the pictures and the information on what is happening in the community!

Melissa Ann The cover! 

Jennifer Eilertson We love the information available to us on this site! We love getting to know more neighbors as well

Amy Moran Montaldo Love the up to date information on what is happening in the community! Great magazine!!

Jamie Johnson Love how it highlights all the positive things that happen in Estrella!

Steffy Lam It is a great magazine to read. And love the advertising.

Terri Armstead Love that it is local and all about Estrella!

Lori-Lee Fletcher Maccherola I love that it keeps us up on what is going on in Estrella and introduces us to new people each month!

Crystal Marie Bliesner Love that it is local

Charline Carlini Love the breathtaking photos captured of our lovely community and the information portrayed to us about events!

Deb Lambert I love the sense of family, and being kept informed of all the happenings in Estrella. Good and not so good

Carrie Marie I love stuff like this!!

Kelly Maza I love the highlights of the personal stories on the cover. It's neat to see who may know or may see around the area. I love that.

Jennifer Cayetano Aaron Great photography used in the magazine. Well written articles.

Amber Hellofs I love the relevance!

Charissa Schroder Shows the beautiful community we get to live in!

Vanessa Cunningham I love the articles the kids/teens write. I think it's a great way to get the whole community involved !!!

Ruben DeLeon I love all the happenings they keep us updated. . P.s. good luck!

Jan Chappell Love the generosity of the editors!

Alan Petsche UtH is a great way to keep in touch with what's happening in our wonderful community.

Angie Mounsey Bihn I love that it highlights what we value in our community.

Ashleigh King Pictures of community members enjoying time with their families around our community, in the mountains, pool, etc!

Rita Candelaria Love that we can all stay connected!

Stacey Burgess Rassas I enjoy all of it!

Angela Webster I love the pretty cool people that run the magazine and their sense of humor, and of course their great drive to make this community better smile emoticon

Tracy Hulson What I love the most about "Up The Hill" magazine is the inspiring communities warm fellowship it brings to our beautiful hometown!

Carrie Ann Cartmel Lee I love it is all positive news within our community.

Danielle Foley I like keeping tabs on the goings-on around Estrella

Katrina Young I love that it keeps us connected

Allison Soto Mcleod Keeps us up to date on local events, beautiful pictures and great teen articles

Ken Snyder The articles and upcoming events

Bill Hinzmann Incredible sales reps!!

Kelley Goodrich Airapetov Love seeing pictures of my friends in the community!

Kendra Deahr I love reading all the news and great people in our beautiful community! Great way to stay connected!

Catherine S. Emery I like the fact of the caring the community shares, and the willingness to help each other.

Robert Ussmann I like that its focused mainly just on the surrounding area

Colleen Moore Julian Rock I love the sense of community and hearing about all the happenings!

Cacey Knight I love how it keeps us up-to-date with what's going on in our community and how it highlights positive things going on.

Amy McCubbins My husband and I are both teachers in the community and we appreciate the school zone information and up to date calendar activities.

Jen Leftwich Manley I love looking at the pictures of this beautiful community.

Colleen Gibson I love seeing my kids on the cover.

Bob Nobis I love the neighbors that look out for and support each other. Up the Hill makes it easier to do this.

Rick Schmus I love that my family got to be on the cover last year!

Elizabeth Christensen I love hearing about events

Tracy Turner Everything I appreciate about the magazine has already been mentioned. I like that you have extended it to the FB page for the day to day happenings and discussions.

Tammie Sarvinski Love that we are kept so informed on everything happening in our community.  Great job

Carrie-Anne Ryan-Moreau I love that it promotes our community businesses.

Nina Bockholdt I love the calendar of upcoming events!

Teresa Clements Mischke I agree with what everyone is saying. It's great to have something to keep us all updated with the community and what's going on....

Brian E. Johnson The beautiful photos

Krista Alt I like being able to read about all the awesome people and being informed about all the things going on in our community!!

KimandDwayne Marsh Love that it keeps our community informed smile emoticon

Shayna Perigo Love how all the photos involve so many different people in the community

Chris Wax We love being kept up to date on events and happenings around our community. Right, Abby?

Abby Wax Yes. And being able to know our neighbors. smile emoticon

Morgan Cleveland I love how its a great way to get connected in the community

Shari Karcher Badics Love love this magazine & so look forward to each month. It's great to keep everyone informed of the happenings up on "The Mountain". Thanks for where we live 

Elaine Lingbloom Steele We love keeping abreast of what's going on in our terrific community. 

Darcy Brondt Kober Photos of the kids in our communities, especially Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops

Marlee Kay Ellis Love the events and calendar

Jackie Giebel Branham What a great idea! I really like how this page is so informative and is an amazing source for just about anything in our community. Keep up the good work! It is so appreciated. 

Paula Conroy I love that your magazine has so many good companies listed and advertising with you and that you also have faith in & trust these companies well enough to refer them!

Linda Dianne Rubin What a marvelous thing to do! Community all the way.

Melanie Chittester I like the fact that it is by/for/about our wonderful community.

Nikki King I love the information it provides. I always take the calendar out.

Brandi Marie Community. smile emoticon

Joni Bartholomew Sheesley I love that it's specific to our community and how we highlight locals.

Kasia Kasia I like to learn about the community.

Kathy Turner Up the Hill magazine enhances our sense of Community.

Justin-Jaime Clarke The Covers. smile emoticon We always love seeing our community and neighbors sharing what they love most about life in EMR. Jaime and I have loved this community for over 8 years; and we couldn't think of a better place to call home. 

Josh Leader All about the community...I love it

Teresa Fleming I love that we are able to keep everyone updated on events but especially using this blog to look out for each other. Our kids, our animals if they happen to get out and lost. Families happy times and even learning that families might need help for one reason or another. Keeping all of us close in the community smile emoticon

Kari Swope I love this magazine smile emoticon Up The Hill is an excellent and reliable resource for information about local businesses and activities going on in our community!

Alicia Brown i love to see the pictures of people i know on the covers and to stay connected with the rest of the community

Belinda Conley Wikstrom I like the photos of the community members. YAY!

Stacy M Curtis I love how I know what is happening in my Community in a timely manner. It's Awesome being a part of such Great people. Good Luck to all.

Jen Kukuczka I love our community. Communication and sharing of information is so important and helpful. I like being in the 'know'.

Ana Castillo Maron We love local business that are featured and that it's a great way to communicate with us about events and activities!

Dee Dee Dolenshek Molitor I love the articles about the people that live in Estrella.

Helen Jech I love the communication about the things going on in our community. We love Estrella.

Sarah Griffith I love the small town feel

Barbra Benedict Balog Love the local pictures, small town feel and update on community events. Go Powerball!!

Donna Shires First of all I absolutely love our community! The magazine is an awesome way to stay up to date on all the events. I also love the feature stories about families living in the community.

Elizabeth Macek Also getting to "know" residents through the featured family's nice

Amanda Hinzmann Love this magazine because it's about OUR community and I love THIS community!!

Sarah Schirmer Mullen I love knowing about upcoming events and the spirit of giving in this community...

Stephanie Lamerson Sense of community!

Ragena Labine It's about the community we live in. Love where I live! 

Ivey Deal That it's all about where we have lived for the last 20 years.

Paul Ronnie I just love know what's going on in my immediate community, hearing from neighbors I wouldn't ordinarily even know and picking up on tips around the area.

Judy Wells Boone Great magazine for our community. Written by our very own residents! Thank you for giving so much time and effort to make this place even more amazing.

Maria Yvette Domotor I love the Up The Hill magazine and this beautiful community and mist of all the friendly people living here. I like the articles and event updates and business ads as well.

Sharon Horn Very informative about our community, a wonderful magazine that helps bring the residents together.

Darcy Riddle ʚϊɞ I love that Estrella is our hometown and this magazine reflects everything that is great about our community.

Spenser Garner I like knowing what business to call when in need!

Amanda Ricciardi Kortright Calendar of Events. Local business advertisements. Featured families! smile emoticon

Christopher Jacoby Keeps everyone connected.

Thiory Madzar I love reading about what's going on in our community. The stories on different families who live in estrella, and the calendar!

Julie Haut I like the business ads to know who provides services to EMR, and the articles are informative and appreciated. Thank you for the magazine.

Kendra Still I like being connected with others in the community and learning about our community!

Darcy Huff Medina I like the local business ads.

Charles Radloff For the people by the people!

Nicole Dalgetty How generous of you! Thank you! I love reading about all the awesome people who live here in EMR. We are so blessed to live in this amazing community!

Cindy Klein It's for our Community!

Patrick Becker Updated on upcoming events

Rachel Kay Stubbs Events even if some are down the hill & reading about new people in the neighborhood! Good luck!

Carrie Smalley I love being connected to community and local business adds.

Rhonda Perry Get to see upcoming events:)

Elizabeth Stevens Our wonderful community, events and business news. Thank you.. and good luck to all!:-)

Jennifer Jacks I love that all the events are posted for the month. Being new to the community it helps us know what's coming up and going down in the neighborhood. I love all the local vendors provided. As it encourages buying local and promotes a network. 

Ken Meyer Up the Hill provides informative information about our community and pretty pictures. Living in many wonderful reasons, it's the best place to live in AZ!

Jennie Husted Achbach Very informative and enjoy all the articles!

Lisa Rostawicki Hooper Love all the great info!

Jeff Knappenberger One for all all for one- I love looking at all the local businesses and using them!!

Lucia Tarantino-eblin You are the best! thanks!

Gilberto Antonio Garcia Sr. This magazine is very informative for our community. We like the 'personal touch' it has.

Kita Edwards I love seeing what's happening right here where I live! I also like reading about new projects

Beth Freel Schultz Love being able to find local businesses!

Michelle Gonzalez I like knowing about upcoming events in our community

Debra Merrill We appreciate YOU!!!

Marilynn Babyar CTE support!

Jean DiPoala Landon Local advertising.

Catherine S. Emery  Up The Hill magazine is Awesome and so is this Estrella Mountain Community : )

Danielle Gennaccaro The knowing of what is here as well as who is here accompanied by a little bit about them

Erin Yowell Estes I love the pictures on the front cover! They always incorporate some aspect of Estrella that we love

Carolyn Schlo Enjoy the resident profiles (-:

Charlie Lambert I like the profiles of EMR residents.

LeAnn Opal Rosencrans Local business advertising is one of the many!

Alyssa Hocking We love this community! And being informed of the many things we have going on smile emoticon

Sarah White Bergman Love all the advertising done through the "Up the Hill Magazine". Always get excited when they are dropped off at work ~See Spot Clean~ smile emoticon

Melanie Conway Rollings Like the pics and knowing what's going on locally smile emoticon

Kylee Steward Notifications of local events that are going to take place as well as all the pictures takin during events smile emoticon

Anthony Chavez Find out what businesses are available and who supports the community

Dennis Dayton Al you’re marketing genius! Great ideas

Deanna Fasshauer Things that are going on in the community and any we need to find what we need. 

Kelly Seppanen I love the stories of the people who live here and there backgrounds

April Jordan I like the local business advertising and knowing what's going in the community.

Kathy Beck Kaemingh I love everything about it! 

Hani Skyles I also love looking for local residents business advertising. My preference is always to support a fellow EMR resident.

Deborah Renfroe AMEN!  I read it every time....the ads are helpful, being new here....

Stephanie Fritz I love all the articles that people write and your magazines published. Great information in your magazine to keep us informed.

JoAnn Settle Love the advertising and the variety of useful articles!

Richard Gibby The upcoming events.

Andy Rogers I am grateful for the local business features and advertising. Go Local!

Stephanie Tiffin Yearwood It is extra special to live in such a beautiful, close knit community that has its own magazine! Personal profiles, updates on activities, gorgeous pictures and interesting information! It is the cherry on top!

Dianne Bennett It brings a good feeling of community. Thanks

Arlene Henowich Metcalfe Also a great page for recommendations for us "newbys"

Tina Cary Bigalk Love seeing all the neighbors featured on the front page and local businesses offered.

Bill Brinkman Keeps the community well informed of events in the area.

Suzi Waldron Hansen There’s just so much but I enjoy reading about upcoming events and then reading how those events went and the stories from the communication and seeing the community pictures! Great magazine!

Lowell Easton I have used the advertisers and advise provided

Mary Benincasa I like all the local business advertising in it.

Sue Marks I enjoy the local business advertising.

Mike Branham I certainly appreciate the great photos ..

Zoila Martinez Thank you for keeping us updated.

Lyndze Walberg I like looking at the calendar to see what events are coming up

Mike Smalley Love the small town intimate family feel

Lisa Kenn Randall Sara stole mine--the puzzle page!

Dianne Hillman Bishop i love everything about this community. The people look out for one another. The facebook page is wonderful. Thank you. It’s just a great place to live.

Dale Nicks Up the Hill magazine gives us knowledge as to what is happening in the community and also businesses they helped with our business in the past.

Jen Allen Reed Calendar of events 

Laura Stiener Phipps Love the calendar events and the pictures. Good luck to everyone.

Beth James Johnson Calendar great info

Joe Carlini I love that we have our own community magazine and the stories of the businesses and families in the community.

DuVal Goley Love the articles and advertisers!

Sal Mancilla Calendar for community events

Amanda Cook Love the local faces I see! Friends in the community

Janelle Moran The calendar of events

Kim Kortright Sears Love Keeping up with positive news within our community!

Morgan Hochstettler I love seeing the pictures and having the calendar of events.

Janette Valasekova Good luck !

Beverly Lazaro Gillespie The articles and the ads. Good luck! 

Laura Collins Abihider My favorite thing is how up the hill keeps us current on big community plans and events!

DaleAmy Hurles Love the business ads!

Dave Gunnell I like the great photos of our neighborhoods, and enjoy the family profiles also. Your calendar is very useful to keep all informed of what's happening in our 'community'. Thanks for a job well done.

David Bergay I like the free delivery to my mail box. 

Barbara McCahill I love the photos and the ads.

Jennifer Bradac Betts Still feeling new to the area (2yrs now), it keeps us current on what's happening in in the community. I love the calendar of events!!

Karen Robinson I love how when I get the magazine in the mail I plop onto the couch, tuck my legs up under me, and get ready to find out what is new in this beautiful and wonderful community we live in!

Dawn Primo Hopper Love the articles and calendar for community events!

Michelle Sayyed Calendar

Tom Kirlin local ads

Donetta Heathcoat Hakman We truly read this magazine cover to cover. Very informative and interesting. Up The Hill magazine rocks!

Stephanie Crawford The calendar and photos. Nice

Evan Anna Buskirk Love all the community info

Starr Luteri Seeing the kids enjoying our community.

Rebecca Hertzberg-Pfaffinger Love looking for people we know, and for things to do within our community. 

Kim Bergay Updates in our community.

Kimberly West Bertel I like the local contributors.

Susan Solomito Green I love the pictures!

Evan Anna Buskirk Looking forward to seeing the tickets posted.

Saundra Hayes I like the announcements of all the fun activities in our community and the opportunity to meet my new neighbors.

Susan Sanford Keeps me informed!

Hillari Keel Fallstrom I like reading about residents.

Pebbles Allen It's the only magazine I read! I love the variety of articles from month to month. The calendar with events is what I look forward to.

Kerrie Dyer Badger The calendar of events :))

Reneé Lewis Love the cover and EMR family profiles.

Carlie Jensen Wray The calendar of events!

Jon Ferrall Nice publication.

Amy VanValkenburg Favorite thing about Up the Hill....your focus on Small biz. Thx! smile emoticon

Erika Mills Griffin Love the family profiles and calendar of events! We live in an amazing community!

Cheri Warren-Myers Great info and pics! Thank you Up The Hill😎!

Andrew Lehman Thanks Al and thanks to the team at Up The Hill magazine for keeping me in the know about what's going on in our community. Nice blend of content, graphics and photos to be informative and inviting to read.  Nicely done . . .

Emily Davis Good community info smile emoticon

Suzy Skaar Family profiles are my favorite !!

Casey Schwebel The great adverts and pr is great. New things every month.

Ed Gee It shows off all that's wonderful about living in our community!


I really like your new format. Thank you for providing us with a "First Class" publication.

~ Daisy Anten, Litchfield Park, Oct. 2015


I absolutely love that Estrella Publishing is my one and only when it comes to advertising. I love everything about them. 
~ Tammi Halim, Skincare Extraordinaire, Aug. 2015


Wow!!! You guys are great to work with...pretty soon I might be covering more territory, I will let you know.  Thanks

~ Christy, Budget Blinds of Goodyear, Jun. 2015
Thanks so much – we appreciate both of you and your VIVA production. 
~ Bill of THE GUYS, Jun 2015
Estrella Publishing is wonderful to work with. They always worked with me on graphics and helped me with changes when needed. Great exposure for the price!
~ Mariam Early, Realtor, Apr 2015
Best advertising I have done for my business Thanks Again.
~ Lou Perrone, My 3 Sons Auto Glass, Apr 2015 
Thank you Viva.  Look forward to always relaxing and read my magazine.  You do a terrific job.  Many many thanks.
~ Rita Gay Levine, PebbleCreek, Feb. 2015
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at Estrella Publishing.  Also thank you for the great support that you have given us this past year.  I appreciate all that you have done to support our charity.  Sincerely,
~ Larry Cervarich, Homeless Youth Connection, Founder/Public Relations, Nov. 2014
I am a new business and have been very overwhelmed. You supplied me with the info I needed, came up with solutions for me and resent applications even though you already sent them. Most importantly you never pressured me. I guess that is why I was referred to you by a friend who already uses you. Thanks again…
~ Cheryl Lewis, Budget Blinds of Peoria, Nov 2014
You have been very helpful and easy to communicate with. 
~ Gabriels Appliance Service, Oct 2014
I just wanted to thank you and your team for your work on our website.  We should have done this a long time ago.  It is actually fun working with this site.  Thanks
~ Dave, Jackrabbit Nursery, Jan 2014
Estrella Publishing has been amazing publishers who have exceeded my expectations. They truly understand the communities they serve and have proven to be trustworthy business partners. It has been such a pleasure working with them that I’ve referred them to my colleagues. Thank you Estrella Publishing.
~ Arlene Santos, Banner Health Center, Practice Administrator, Nov 2013
I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate seeing Catholic holidays, like the Assumption of Mary and St. Bartholomew, on your calendars.  Thank you for including them.
~ Aimee, Litchfield Park Resident, Aug 2013
As a resident of Litchfield Park, I have to tell you how much my husband and I enjoy your magazine as do all of my neighbors and look forward to each new issue!
~ Nancy, Litchfield Park Resident, Aug 2013

I found the magazine to be a delight, and well worth the read. Learning new things is a good thing. I am more informed now about how to choose which oil to use in my cars engine, and more. I really liked reading about the people I know in the community. Kathy Wach's article about RV'ing was very entertaining, and knowing them just made it sooo much better.  Mountain View isn't just about Vistancia, it is truly a publication that anyone living in the Vistancia area can benefit from.
~ Dashadeaux, Trilogy Resident, July 2013
What a pleasure to meet you this morning!  The two of you are a wonderful team.  With your expertise, energy, and enthusiasm for your business it is easy to see why your magazines are so successful.  Thank you for listening to our story.  We really appreciate your time and feel like you have become friends.  We will be happy to spread the word about "Mountain View".  I would like to speak with you soon about placing advertising in the magazine.  I think it would be a good fit for Project Health of Arizona.  Again, many thanks.
~ Nancy & Warren, Trilogy Residents, July 2013
We wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed chatting with you yesterday and Thank You for your time.  We appreciate the story you are doing immensely.  All the Best.
I wanted to thank you for making us look so good both on and in the magazine. John and I both really appreciated your time. I must say, though, you could have photo shopped smiles onto our children's faces, man can they not perform on cue????....just kidding!  You rock and I look forward to speaking to you again soon.    :-)
~ Terri & John, Vistancia Residents, July 2013
I really enjoy your magazine (The Hamlet for Palm Valley Residents)!   I particularly  enjoyed the article on page 10. Modern Woman (Personal Integrity  - Or Doing The Right Thing).  I can relate.....  Thank you.  :-) 
~ Darlene Stampley-Sparks, Palm Valley Resident, July 2013
During my five years as the media relations and public information officer at the City of Goodyear, I found Estrella Publishing to be one of the most responsive, helpful and supportive media outlets that I have ever worked with. The magazines in the publishing group ran relevant articles profiling prominent people and issues of concern to citizens and local businesses. I was a regular contributor to content, and wrote several articles and columns on topics of interest to Goodyear residents, especially in the communities of Estrella, PebbleCreek and Goodyear proper. Mr. Uretsky and his staff provided helpful edits as well as a ready forum for featuring matters of interest. I highly recommend publishing and advertising in any of the Estrella Publishing magazines. If the opportunity to provide content is available, I encourage local organizations and individuals to do so. The magazines have a wide reach and dedicated eyeballs for those of you tracking your media buys and ROI indicators.
~ Nora Fascenelli, City of Goodyear
I just want to thank you for helping me with my ad in Up the Hill magazine. I love the Hometown feel of the magazine. That is important in my line of work. People need to feel comfortable with someone that is watching their home and I think when people see my Ad in your magazine they realize  its nice to deal with someone local and a part of the community. People tell me all the time  they found me in your magazine and the fact that you helped me pull my ad all together is even better. It's nice to see your beautiful magazine laying on a coffee table. I know my information is readily available.
~ Debbie Hudson, Goodyear Homewatch
I started advertising in Up the Hill and Viva magazines in order to target my advertising directly to local customers. I have found the publications to be of high quality, and well distributed. The residents of these areas appear to be using the magazines monthly. I have also taken advantage of the web site and facebook updates, adding small blurbs for special sales, and promotions.  Every time I have placed a sale on the website, my sales for that weekend have spiked over the same promotion earlier in the year before I added local advertising. I have even had to add extra staffing during the promotions.  I am convinced these publications are helpful, and looked at by the customer. Al and his team have been extremely helpful in changing my ad as needed and always responding with lightening speed.  I am pleased to be part of such a high quality publication. I look forward to continuing my ads in future editions and future neighborhoods.
~ Bill Jarboe, Sherwin Williams
We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Estrella Publishing.  The partnership we have and continue to developed with Al and Catherine is terrific. We appreciate their desire to work with an in-state environmentally friendly printing firm as well as their commitment to producing top quality, community oriented publications.   All of Estrella Publishing's magazines are printed on FSC certified paper containing post consumer fiber utilizing biodegradable soy based inks.   Estrella Publishing's magazines are eye catching and appealing to readers with quality articles and professional graphics.  They offer just the right balance between content and advertisements.  Their growth and success is a direct result to their dedication in producing a quality product.  Estrella Publishing has strong commitments to the communities they serve and we look forward to assisting them in meeting their goals.  We wish Estrella Publishing continued success for many years to come.
~ Steve Rynard, Sundance Press VP & General Manager
Estrella Publishing has provided Urgent Air with great results by utilizing his publications. Not only do I get business from the magazines I get referrals directly from them. Wow! I can't say I know too many companies of this caliber.
~ Tom Wade, Urgent Air
One thing I find to be very impressive about Estrella Publishing is their ability to network and amazing communication skills. Not to mention their motivation to continue to build the business and a commitment to help their advertisers to build their business as well.
~ Lisa Jensen , LJ Designs
Estrella Publishing is a detailed-oriented firm producing five beautiful magazines. This team is very helpful in creating advertisements to benefit my Foot Solutions business. They go out of their way to be of assistance. With their help and distribution my recognition has elevated in my service areas.  They produce magazines that are very attractive, informative and fun to read!  We advertise in all 5 communities... The Park for Litchfield residents; The Hamlet for Palm Valley residents; Viva for Pebble Creek residents; Up The Hill for Estrella residents; and Main Street for Verrado residents. Their website for all these magazines is top notch!
~ Art & Lynnele Reynonlds, Owners/Operators of Foot Solutions - July 2012
Estrella Publishing does a great job of putting our ads together for our office.  They are always looking for new ways to improve our ads.  Their magazines are the best & we get calls off of the ads. Thanks for the great work!
~ Peter and Tika Zipp, Owners/Operators of Allstate Insurance (Zipp Agency)
High quality service, with lots of support! 
~ Al Asorio, Owner/Operator of Llanos Publishing
Estrella Publishing has always been there for me for my advertising and web design/development... I have made changes on many occasions and Estrella Publishing immediately took the lead and accomplished what I needed from them.  They have also provided me with great pricing throughout our partnership as well...  I highly recommend Estrella Publishing to anyone for all of there advertising.
~ Mike Desi, Owner/Operator of Desired Handyman
Estrella Publishing is very creative and helpful when it comes to providing ideas for promoting your business on the web or through one the five magazines offered by Estrella Publishing. Their primary goal is to help your business and provide insight on how to get this accomplished.
~ Dan Ramirez, Owner/Operator of Sharp Shine Auto Detailing - August 2012
Working with Estrella Publishing was a smooth experience. They assisted me with advertising development and fine tuned my product to maximize my message. They are heavily involved in their community by donating their time to various projects and committees.
~ Bill Stipp, City Councilman of City of Goodyear
Estrella Publishing was hired to provide web design services. While the process took a little longer than expected, the final results were outstanding and well worth the extra time. At all times, the Estrella Publishing team was available both via email and in person with clean and understandable responses. Their suggestions pertaining to marketing have proven to be excellent and result driven. I strongly recommend them for web design and marketing. 
~ Stewart Rein, Owner/Operator of Stewart Rein Photography
I have experienced great advertising success in Up The Hill magazine. When I ask my clients how they heard about me, they respond "Up The Hill". I love the fact that Estrella Publishing is only a phone call away if I have any questions or want to change something on my ad. I advertised in the other paper in Estrella but when I tried to contact them I always had to leave a voice mail and at times my calls were not returned. Its a big plus that Up The Hill  magazine is local and the editors are easily accessible if I have any issues. I have recently put an add in Viva magazine which is for the residents of PebbleCreek and within days of its May debut, I began to get calls for plumbing services. I love this magazine and a lot of my clients also love it. I highly recommend advertising in Up The Hill or Viva magazine if you want to get the word out about your business up here in Estrella or PebbleCreek.  
~ Mark Trinidad, Owner/Operator of MT Plumbing
I don't know where Estrella Publishing came up with the concept for the isolated publication Viva magazine for PebbleCreek but I suspect they have other isolated publications or will have in the future.  They are off to an exciting start with this publication and at least some of us in PebbleCreek are flattered at the concept they are providing to us. It is my understanding that  Estrella Publishing owners are not  residents of PebbleCreek but I would hope that their efforts continue on our behalf.  I hope that this publication proves to be successful and that we will be reading Viva magazine a long time from now. 
~ Bill Walker, PebbleCreek Resident, May 2011​​​​​​
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