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Custom Printing


Did you know that Estrella Publishing offers Custom Printing? Yes, Estrella Publishing can print publications (newsletters, magazines, catalogs, etc..) for any size business. HOA Communities, Cities, Healthcare Facilities, School Districts, Hospitals, Realtors, etc....

We provide all the associated services; Project Management, Layout & Design, Content Development, Photography, Editing & Proofing, Printing, and Distribution.

If you publish a magazine, newsletter, or other publication with a press run from 1,000+ copies then request a quote today and see how Estrella Publishing can benefit your organization and help make your job easier!

Estrella Publishing has both depth and breadth of experience related to providing custom publishing services.  Estrella Publishing has an exclusive relationship with the best printing facility in Arizona, providing you with superior quality at a reduced cost.


We operate based on a very basic set of values: do what you say you’re going to do, do it in a timely manner and operate with the necessary equipment and facilities to produce these results.  Our success is the product of strong partnerships, good business practices, high quality equipment and knowledgeable professionals. We take pride in the work of our partner relationships, and their facilities and equipment to provide the most efficient, timely and high quality work to suit our client’s needs.

Competitive Pricing, Superior Quality;

Specialized in the printing & mailing of high quality short-run magazines, newsletters, programs and catalogs.

  • Quantities from 1,000 to 15,000

  • Page counts from 4 to 120 pages

  • Finest quality 1-to 6-color printing

  • Saddle-stitch binding

Our People Make The Difference;

We embrace the concept "Our company, Our clients, Our future!" Together, as a team, we maintain the vision, values, hard work and service that set us apart. Bring us your next issue and let Estrella Publishing 'earn the right' to be your Partner in Publishing!

Production Acumen 

Estrella Publishing tailors our services to meet our client’s needs. We have worked with clients of various sizes and various industries, both locally and nationally. Estrella Publishing has 3-generations of industry expertise and a seasoned team with a proven track record including, but not limited to, Project Management, Layout and Design, Writing, Photography, Editing and Proofing, Printing and Quality Assurance. Our subject matter experts ensure the solutions we recommend make sense for our clients, and the execution not only meets, but exceeds client expectations.

Layout and Design

With a history of producing over 500 magazines, Estrella Publishing can assure your satisfaction with graphics and your finished product. Our graphics team is at your service to recreate or change your design, as you wish. We can customize your magazine and changes are always accommodated.

Writing and Photography

Our staff is capable of, and used to, creating content specific to the needs of our clients. We are ready to work with you to create balanced, appropriate, industry specific work that will enhance your readers’ enjoyment of your magazine.

Our photography company has over a decade of experience, and can produce high quality photographs that will add the perfect touch to every story. From highlighting personal narratives, to corporate head-shots, we can work within your needs.


Estrella Publishing Printing copy.jpg

Copy Editing and Proofing

Our editing process is based on checking, rechecking, and checking again. We take pride in our products, and know that our consistency reflects not only on our partners, but also on our community and ourselves. As such we have a successful three-level proofing process that ensures the completion of a quality product.


Quality Assurance

The Estrella Publishing project managers are PMI certified and assigned to each client project to implement and ensure a QA process for the project. Quality control is part of Estrella Publishing’s approach that governs and ensures the success of the overall project. These processes provide important feedback loops to quickly identify issues and establish clear lines of communication.

Proven Distribution Capabilities

Our distribution capabilities are solid and have a proven successful track record. Regardless if distribution is manual, via UPS, USPS or through distribution business partners, we have consistently met and exceeded the delivery process and time-frames.

Delivery, Tracking, and Reporting

Estrella Publishing has a very strict on-time-every-time delivery and production policy. Unless changes are made to the job or extra shipping considerations are added we stick to our original timeline.  As soon as jobs are completed they are packaged to the client’s specifications and entered into our delivery system to be scheduled for delivery. These trucks come equipped with lift gates and pallet jacks and we can do inside delivery if needed. Also we can provided signed packing slips to confirm delivery if requested. Packages of smaller quantities are typically shipped UPS and we can provide tracking numbers upon request. Larger non-local shipments can be sent out by freight. Depending on the logistics we typically use UPS.



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