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ESTRELLA PUBLISHING produces Arizona West Valley's premier and preferred

hyper-local community magazines.  From Your Neighbors, For Your Neighbors. 

Up The Hill magazine (Estrella & CantaMia),  Viva magazine (PebbleCreek), 

The Hamlet magazine (Palm Valley), The Park magazine (Litchfield Park), 

Main Street magazine (Verrado & Victory), Mountain View magazine (Vistancia,

Trilogy & Blackstone),  The Front Porch magazine (Marley Park), 

Surprise Living magazine (Sterling Grove, Surprise Farms, Mountainside, and Sweetwater Farms), and CB Living magazine (Corte Bella).

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From Me To You - July 2024

I discovered a startling fact the other day, in Tahiti there is no word for art. The closest translation is ‘I am doing the best that I can.’ The idea is that there is no perfection in creativity, you just try your best, because if you didn’t try there would be nothing.


We are all doing the best that we can with the knowledge we have at the time. Let that sink in for a minute.


The mother, frantic that she is doing everything wrong, or is making the worst decisions for her child. She is doing the best that she can. The intern at his desk, stumbling around, desperate to make a good impression on his boss. He is doing the best that he can. The senior citizen, pausing in front of a supermarket shelf, slowing everyone down in the aisle, not quite sure what beans to buy. He is doing the best that he can.


I am sure you are not perfect in your actions and thoughts either. You don’t know the answers to everything. You don’t know what to do in every situation. And in those moments of self-doubt, concern and hesitation you wish for a little grace from others. I know I do. Frequently.


The number of times I have looked back at a decision or action and known that if I had more knowledge, insight or even confidence, things would have been different, is staggering. But just as with that fear of failure in beginning a task, the fear of looking bad, or doing the wrong thing in hindsight should not hold us back. As long as there is accountability in your actions. ‘I know that was not the right path, or the right decision, and given the opportunity I will do better next time.’


So hold yourself accountable, admit you were wrong, and move on. Take courage in the knowledge that you are imperfect, we all are, and resolve to keep ‘doing the best that you can.’


Catherine Uretsky

Editor in Chief, Estrella Publishing

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