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From Me To You

Back to School! Those three words struck terror in my heart as a child, new people, new schedules, new places, new opportunities to embarrass myself with the amount of things I didn’t know. Would my new back-to-school outfits be cool or not? Would I get the teacher everyone loved, or be stuck with the ones everyone dreaded? The list was endless.


As a parent I felt slightly differently about back to school time. Entertaining 4 small people of varying ages for several months in the blistering heat of summer vacation went rapidly from an adventure full of opportunities to becoming a burden of keeping them busy and trying to stop the endless bickering. I must say that despite my resolutions at the beginning or each summer I did use television and later the internet in heavy doses - always in a educational way, of course ;)


Now I am getting a degree and back-to-school applies to me. It is very different approaching education as an adult who has chosen to reapply myself to academia. I am soon to begin my second year as a Mature Student and this time I have a confidence in my abilities as well as an interest in what I will be learning. Finding notebooks and pens is fun when I am doing it for myself. Ordering text books and choosing my subjects holds an appeal that I don’t remember from my youth. I studied Shakespeare in high school and we all dreaded it. The groans as we tried to understand the language would reverberate around the classroom. Now I see Twelth Night on the curriculum and I am excited for the challenge. Perhaps that has something to do with my ability to get help via the internet now but either way it is going to be interesting.


Having a full year under my belt I have the confidence that I can do this, and I realized that I enjoy learning. Interacting with others taking the same path and making new friends is all part of this journey and I am looking forward to going back to school!


Catherine Uretsky

Editor in Chief, Estrella Publishing