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From Me To You

As a child summertime was full of endless possibilities. Playing with friends, reading, going on long family walks, visiting relatives, vacationing, sleeping in, and just relaxing. As a parent it seems to be full of finding things to do with the kids. Summer camps, activities, swimming, travel, more swimming, organizing school supplies for next year, day trips, museums, and more swimming.


Also in Arizona the importance of staying cool either at home or anytime we have to leave the house is at the top of the list - hence all the swimming. This year my summer is being dubbed “The Summer of Moving Out” and with 3 kids going on to college or the start of their own independent lives, we have a busy time ahead. As I write this I am in Tennessee with one kid (ahem adult), buying furniture and helping her set up her life here. There are so many things to help her organize that it sometimes makes my head spin, I really think moving from state to state is more complicated than moving to America here from abroad.


Once this one is settled, it is on to the next location for a college drop off. I am looking forward to that one because of the weather. Summer in Washington state sounds a heck of a lot better than braving the Arizona heat. I can go for walks outside without applying factor 70 sunscreen, I will have to apply bug repellent though, so there is a trade off. After that we go to Hawaii. I know these kids have made some interesting choices... but who am I to argue with a week spent floating down a lazy river or touring a volcano?


Although this summer is packed with exciting trips and activities, what I am really looking forward to is the fall. I can read, sleep in, go for long walks and reconnect with friends and family. As I think about it, it is beginning to sound a lot like the summers of my childhood, but thankfully without the specter of a new school term ahead of me! 


Catherine Uretsky

Editor in Chief, Estrella Publishing