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White Tanks View magazine (Surprise Farms, Sierra Montana, Waddell

Hacienda, and Sterling Grove), and CB Living magazine (Corte Bella).


From Me To You

“Love is in the air” - the song has been running amok in my brain all day. With the February editions front and center on my computer I keep thinking of Valentine’s Day and love. Not that the two are combined in my head, I get really annoyed at the commercialization of the holiday, and the price gouging that goes along with it. You can’t go to a restaurant or buy flowers or chocolate, without seeing dramatic price hikes just for the occasion.

In the spirit of the upcoming celebration I googled ‘Most romantic movies’ and I was surprised to see that I have not watched that many on the list. Don’t tell anyone but I have yet to watch, or even read, The Notebook. I know, sacrilege! What it boils down to is that I don’t like to cry and these love stories are real tearjerkers.

I am sure the plots and characters are great, they must be to make it to the top of all these lists, but I can’t bring myself to watch them because of the crying that will inevitably follow.

I have been binging the TV show Bones recently, and I love the kitschy drama with a side of schmaltz, but there is one episode I have been dreading. (Warning - Spoiler Alert ahead!) If you have not seen season 10 there is a chance I am about to ruin your day. Just kidding, everyone knows that Sweets is murdered. I hated that episode, not because of his death, but because of the way the writers wrung every sad emotion and angry tear from me. And it continued for the next few weeks! Not content with killing off the character, they also went on to investigate his murder (understandable, it is a crime drama) and then mope around for his funeral. Even worse than that, his girlfriend was heavily pregnant and we had to talk about ‘Lance’ for every moment of the birth. Ruined a perfectly good season.

Don’t get me wrong, crying has its place but why do we need it in a love story? Does every couple have to face adversity to prove their love? Can’t we all just get along? I think for this Valentine’s Day I will be watching a classic, like Mission
Impossible, that sounds more appropriate to me.


Catherine Uretsky

Editor in Chief, Estrella Publishing

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