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From Me To You


Does anyone else have a hard time writing 2021 as the current year? I catch myself every time I have to write a check or note the date. It seems as though I didn’t get to use 2020 much so switching to 2021 seems... disloyal?


We all lost so much last year, time is one of the smallest to think about but perhaps one of the biggest to wrap our heads around. We not only lost time, but all the things we were planning on using that time for. Momentous birthdays were swept under the rug. Graduations were virtual. Time itself seemed to stretch and bend. The world was at once creeping along at a snail’s pace and also racing towards some unknown destination.


Time is not just a space from one moment to another, it is also something you can give. Time to heal, time to think, time to grow. The grace of time to make mistakes and learn. Time to become something more, something better.


As a parent there are many moments where the gift of time is all that your child needs to figure out a way forwards. I try to model that behavior as my own children become older. The impulse as a Mom is to rush forwards and help, ease the way and prevent our offspring from making easily avoidable mistakes. I think that is not doing them any favors. If they do not fail, how can they learn to overcome life’s trials and tribulations? One day you will not be there to jump in front of them when a problem arises, and if they have not learned to cope on their own already it will be that much harder without guidance.


I have a friend who is struggling with her health. She probably doesn’t have much time left on this Earth, and watching her vibrancy slipping away is almost unbearable. Her time is cut short and there is no fairness in that. Her time to live, watch her children grow and thrive. Her time to age gracefully, see the grey hair and wrinkles mark the passing of time. Her time to be. I am a planner and a do-er. I want to rush in and organize her life and tie up all the threads I see hanging around her. Things she should do for her family, things she should do for herself. But. It is not my life and not my time to decide how to use. The best gift I can give her is the time to do what she wants. To spend or squander the time she has remaining in whichever way she chooses. And that is hard. But it is right.


I urge you all to think about the time we have been given and decide how you want to spend it. Otherwise it will just rush past, and by the time you decide it may be too late.


Catherine Uretsky

Editor in Chief, Estrella Publishing

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