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ESTRELLA PUBLISHING produces Arizona West Valley's premier and preferred

hyper-local community magazines.  From Your Neighbors, For Your Neighbors. 

Up The Hill magazine (Estrella & CantaMia),  Viva magazine (PebbleCreek), 

The Hamlet magazine (Palm Valley), The Park magazine (Litchfield Park), 

Main Street magazine (Verrado & Victory), Mountain View magazine (Vistancia,

Trilogy & Blackstone),  The Front Porch magazine (Marley Park), 

Surprise Living magazine (Sterling Grove, Surprise Farms, Mountainside, and Sweetwater Farms), and CB Living magazine (Corte Bella).


From Me To You - Mar. 2024

What drives you? Everyone has something that gets them to the finish line - a paycheck, moral obligation, love, the satisfaction of a job well done. For me it is the pressure of a deadline, sure I am nudged by those other things in the list, but the only thing that gets me to complete a project is the looming fear of missing that end point. I always start the month with the best of intentions. I swear I will pace myself and get a little done every day, so that I can ease into the end of the month with no stress. However, in 14 years of creating these magazines I have yet to manage that even once.

Every month I am sitting at my computer well into the night frantically dragging and clicking, typing and editing.


I don’t know why I am wired this way, but it seems that if I am given an option I will procrastinate up to the last minute. There is always something else I would rather be doing. The irony of that mind- set is that when I am not working I am thinking about working, then when I sit down to work I am

focused on a book I was reading, or a project that I have started.

I remember many projects from the past that I have yet to compete – a scale model of H.M.S. Bounty (anyone remember the classic movie Mutiny on the Bounty?), a counted cross-stitch of children playing in Holland during four different seasons (remember seasons?), a matinee jacket I was knitting for a baby who is now an adult with her own child – and the list goes on.


This month I wanted to watch the movies nominated in the Best Picture category before the Oscars are televised, I managed it once and it made the show more enjoyable. But I can leave that for another day, the show is not on until the 10th. See how easily I am distracted? Now what was I talking about? Oh, my work deadline. I

should probably get back to that...


Catherine Uretsky

Editor in Chief, Estrella Publishing

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