Verrado's Raven Grill (August 2011)

4242 N. Golf Drive, Buckeye AZ

If you want to find a luxurious, classy place to eat then the Verrado Grill fits the bill. With an extensive, elaborate menu and a relaxing ambience we felt at ease as soon as we were shown to our table. The drinks were brought from the bar and were delicious! Muddled mint for my Mojito and other citrus fruits for the Margaritas - perfectly refreshing for the hot summer evening.

The menu is extensive and ranges from the exotic (Calf’s Liver) to the traditional (Meatloaf). We did not choose to try Calf’s Liver but did opt for the Calamari and Hummus for appetizers. The Calamari were tasty and had enough bite to make them enjoyable. The hummus was smooth and creamy with a nice varied selection of things to dip in it. When our main course arrived 


we were stunned at the portion size and the huge asparagus! One diner commented that they could almost get up and walk home by themselves. Despite their size they were not tough, as I had feared, and were just as tender as regular asparagus. The meatloaf was wonderfully moist and was served on a mountain of mashed potatoes topped with crispy onion straws. Yum! All I can say is that if I could make this dish we would eat it at least twice a week.

Chicken Marsala is a classic that the Verrado Grille does well. The chicken was tender and the sauce had enough of the usual mushrooms to retain its name, but the addition of sun dried tomatoes and feta was an unusual and welcome addition. Added to it was more of the tasty whipped mashed potatoes. Something fantastic on the Special menu was the Spring Pea Salad. Tender but toothsome fava beans and fresh shelled peas were tossed with toasted almonds, tangy feta and fresh mint all served over a bed of radicchio. It was plated on a warm crispy pita wedge and should be put on their regular menu as it was a big hit with our group.

Next, on to dessert. The Banana Split was delightful, the crunch of creme brulee was surprising and delicious, definitely one to repeat. And what can I say about the chocolate cake? It was great. Enough said. The only downside to our evening was the spotty service. Sometimes the waiters were attentive, the water was consistently refilled for example, but at other times they were no-where to be seen. Despite this minor glitch I would heartily recommend the Verrado Grille for a special night out, definitely worth the drive. All in all, a wonderful restaurant in a spectacular setting. - Four out of five stars.


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