Tropical Smoothie (January 2013)

​13375 W. McDowell Rd, Ste#110, Goodyear AZ

Tropical Smoothie is much more than just smoothies. The smoothies are great and we'll get to those in just a moment, but let's first start with breakfast.  I like a little spice in my life, so I enjoyed a Salsa Sunrise Wrap, which was eggs, ham, bacon, pepper jack cheese, and salsa in a toasted flour tortilla.  The kids enjoyed a more classic version called the All American Wrap, which was eggs, ham, bacon, and american cheese in a tortilla.  I am looking forward to trying the Buffalo Kick Start Sandwich on my next visit, which is eggs, ham, bacon, pepper jack cheese, and buffalo sauce on a caibatta.  They offer 6 varieties of wraps, all of which are available in regular or junior sizes.  And of course the 


classic toasted bagel with cream cheese. What we enjoyed most was not only the taste, but the fact that they were healthier than other breakfast alternatives, priced reasonably at about $4 per breakfast sandwich and was an ample portion, we were happily fed and ready to start our day.

Lunch was just as good as breakfast.  Now keeping in mind that there is an extensive selection of options, we selected to try the Totally Turkey which was turkey, swiss, tomatoes, romaine, light ranch in a toasted garlic herb tortilla,  We weren't done there, so we also shared an Ultimate Club, which had ham, turkey, bacon, swiss, parmesan, tomatoes, field greens & chipotle on a caibatta.  Again, I think I may need to go back tomorrow to try the Buffalo Chicken Wrap or even the Thai Chicken Salad.  Needless to say, I was happily full after eating just half the wrap, but it tasted so nice, that I found myself eating the other half as well.

OK, you've waited long enough and now for the Smoothies.  They are nothing less than you would have expected from a place named Tropical Smoothie.  Yes, they offer the traditional coke products, bottled water, etc... but why go to Tropical Smoothie and not treat your taste buds to pure liquid heaven.  Now I am not a huge fruit and veggie eater, but its hard to come up with an argument for not having your daily recommended intake of fruits & veggies, when they look and taste so yummy...  So many options to choose from and they all seem wonderful.  You can go back every day and have a different smoothie each visit from those that are low-fat to supercharged to indulgent.  This method of tricking your body to eat healthy isn't very hard when they taste this good and not only good for us grown-ups, but my kids ask about getting a smoothie at Tropical Smoothie almost daily, which as a parent makes me feel good about the quality and vitamins/minerals being consumed.

Regardless if you eat in or take out, the friendly staff was a pleasure and the dining room is clean and tropical themed.  Keep in mind they also have a catering menu of wraps, sandwiches, fresh salads, box lunches, and of course smoothies.  I think this may be a great alternative to the standard pizza and fast food burger joints.  You might even find this on our buffet table during the coming Superbowl Game.  Eat better, Feel Better, Together, is their slogan and with that being said we give Topical Smoothie of Goodyear 2-thumbs up.... enjoy..   


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