Royal Jasmine Thai Restaurant (January 2012)

14970 W. Indian School Rd. Goodyear, AZ 85395

My first visit to the Royal Jasmine will not be my last. As a Englishwoman stateside I have been disappointed in the oriental offerings of the spicy variety. The Indian cuisine has not been up to my high expectations and quite honestly I can cook as good at home. So that is to say where I could go for sushi and not know my Uramaki from my Maki-Zushi, I know a good curry when I gobble one down.

The restaurant is new, and the waitress that took our orders for both drinks and meal was extremely pleasant,  hardworking and very eager to please. Not only that, she had a sweet personality which came through as she apologized for not having the Pinot Grigio we ordered. The menu is pretty extensive. 


Having ordered  Thai toast and Chicken Satay we sat pleasantly in our surroundings to get down to our usual gossip and debate. The atmosphere was relaxed but formal enough to feel you are having a dining experience, rather than sitting in a booth at Chilli’s. I personally would love to be taken here on date night (hint). I cant' remember any music or the lack of, so obviously we could hear the conversation between the four of us.

The appetizers and wine were served smoothly and were delectable. Don't you often fine the appetizers are the best part of the meal these days? Both were good portion sizes which we shared between the four of us, plenty for four gals.

Food service was prompt. And seamlessly our main courses were served. All I can say is, heaven in a bowl. Thai Pumpkin Curry with chicken. The dish is served in a bowl and at first appearances it looks like a soup. It come with rice served separately. I put all my rice into the curry as I would do in England. My goodness, so sweet and spicy at the same time. I asked for medium spicy and it was perfect. The chicken cooked moist, not chewy. The green peepers still with a crunch and the pumpkin, solid enough to stab but then it just melted away in my mouth. My other diners also raved about their food. Not one of us was disappointed. For once the food nearly overshadowed the conversation...but not quite. Next month's English girls night out will be back to the Royal Jasmine to try the Shrimp Pineapple Curry. Cant wait.


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