Eest Asian Bistro (September 2011)

3145 North Dysart Rd #102, Avondale AZ


As per request of our readership, I had been requested to write up a review of East Asian Bistro, and I was glad to do so. Just recently, I had been informed of this Asian style restaurant tucked away in the far back corner of a strip mall on the north east corner of Thomas and Dysart Rd by an anonymous reader. My first impression upon entering the establishment was clean, small restaurant with a small staff of what seemed to be about ten people who were great at their job by being both friendly and effective while working.

Once I had sat down, they brought over the menu, which I looked over for quite a while. The items they had were mostly basic, but it had many items to choose from, some of which looked the same, but were different due to one or

two ingredients. Such as the teriyaki beef and the teriyaki chicken, both of which were prepared the same way with the same ingredients, with the only difference being the meat itself.

The food which I sampled started with the famous, yet uncommon chips in duck sauce, which tasted great, with the chips not too dry, and the sauce a perfect level of sweetness. Following that, I tried the dumplings (steamed then lightly fried) and Egg drop soup for an appetizer. The dumplings were good, though a little crispy on the bottom, and the soup was pretty good, but the mushrooms were a bit large for a soup (they made it seem more like a stew).

I then ordered a large variety of appetizers, most of which were good. The barbeque pork had a great flavor, but was also a little bit too fatty for my taste. The ginger lamb, though not one of the most popular dishes, was an amazing dish with a lovely ginger sauce, with slight onion seasoning. Afterward, I decided that I was in the mood for a little teriyaki, but I was unsure of which type to get, so I ordered both to be fair to the establishment, incase one was better then the other. After trying both the chicken and beef, I decided that the beef was largely inferior to the chicken. The sauce itself just seemed to not go together well with the beef, whereas it was fine with the chicken. The final entrée I had was the schezuan beef, which was a unique version of it, with the sauce being more of a sweet spicy then the usual flavor of a more tangy spice that most have come to know and love.

As I left, I received the usual fortune cookie, which upon opening I read this fortune ‘You shall spread happiness through writing’, which is true, for this ended up being a very good place for an Asian meal, and I would recommend this restaurant giving it a three and a half star out of five rating.

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