Beijing Chinese Cuisine (February 2013)

14270 West Indian School Rd. Ste-C1, Goodyear AZ


People often say that as a native New Yorker, there are certain foods we know better than other such as pizza, bagels, and yes Chinese food.  I tend to agree with this not as a professional resturant critic, but rather as an indivisual who has come to know well what my personal comfort foods are and this would fit into that category.  Beijing Chinese Cuisine is one of my favorite little ethnic venues.  The manner in which the dishes are prepared and served is very similar to that of the east coast (US), specifically New York. 

They are open 7-days a week for dine-in or take-out with reasonable prices and offer beer and wine.  The service is always fast and polite and the dining room is always clean and well maintained.  We have dined

here a few times over the years and have yet to be dissapointed.  Traditional Chinese with  everything from Chop Suey to Chow Mein, Fried Rice to Egg Foo Young and everything in between.  A wide selection of poultry, pork, beef, chicken, seafood, and even vegatarian dishes.  I like the fact that we can always request a dish and ask for a particular ingredient to be removed or added for those that are particular.  Although I have been here a few times, I always find myself ordering some of my favorites like Beef Chow Fun, Combination Fried Rice (minus the shrimp), or Mongolian Beef.

Portion sizes are large and great for family style sharing or bringing home for left-overs.  The lunch specials are very reasonable and include a soup and egg roll with each order.  I find it surprising that the food is so good but the dining room is never packed.  Perhaps its a large dining area or its the time of day that I arrived, but this small restaurant should be on your list to visit.​  Enjoy and hope for a positive Fortune Cookie.

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