Estrella Publishing produces West Valley AZ's premier community magazines; From Your Neighbors, For Your Neighbors. We have a variety of publications that are available to you, including Up The Hill magazine (Estrella Mountain Ranch & CantaMia), Viva magazine (PebbleCreek), The Hamlet magazine (Palm Valley), The Park magazine (Litchfield Park), Main Street magazine (Verrado & Victory), Mountain View magazine (Vistancia & Trilogy), and The Front Porch magazine (Marley Park).

Our magazines are produced in full color on high quality matte recycled paper and delivered by mail around the first of each month directly to homes and businesses in their respective communities.  We have a distribution of 44,000 monthly and our readership is 110,000+.  We augment our publications with our active website and social media.  We offer the lowest advertising prices in the area with the greatest readership and distribution, thus making us the best value for your marketing budget.

We offer our advertisers a host of value added services including; graphic support, FREE business directory listings, FREE social media posts, No additional charge for full color adverts, and much more….  Our objective is to support local businesses in reaching their target audience, while providing our target audience with quality and interesting reading material. Feedback from our advertisers and readership has been overwhelmingly positive Testimonials.  We truly view our advertisers as business partners and have a stake in each other’s success. 

“Here’s why you should advertise…”

Advertising plays a crucial role in reaching out to both existing and potential customers. Done correctly, it helps provide a stable platform for launching a new product or elevating a brand’s image, among other objectives. Whether you’re dealing with a current client who is apprehensive about investing more advertising dollars or a prospective buyer who believes paid ads are a waste of money, leveraging these four key benefits will undoubtedly increase your chances of closing a sale.

  1. Build brand awareness. To provoke consumption, your clients need to understand that they must raise awareness around their brand first—and what better way to do so than by advertising! Advertising helps influence buyer preference by allowing your target demographic to become familiar with the benefits of your product or service and how they measure up against the competition’s.

  2. Create consumer demand. Not only does advertising provide important product information, but it also creates consumer demand for that product. Business owners need to understand that consumers have a strong interest in commercial information because it empowers them to make the right choices when navigating the marketplace.

  3. Maintain customer base. So, your potential client says they published a successful ad campaign last year and won’t be needing any added exposure? Great, but you can’t rely on a one-time announcement or word-of-mouth to keep your customers engaged. Politely explain that ongoing advertising is essential for reminding your existing customers that you’re still around and committed to providing the best quality products and services your industry has to offer.

  4. Increase sales. Ads that build brand awareness, create consumer demand and maintain a healthy customer base can only lead to one thing: increased sales! As mentioned above, business owners must understand that to make money, you need to spend money. Without an effective advertising campaign, consumers are kept in the dark of new and improved products (or services), which can hinder sales growth.


“Here’s why you should invest in print media…”

Okay, so you’ve convinced your business owner that advertising is a necessary investment. Now, the question remains: why should they prioritize print media? Faced with so many technological advancements, entrepreneurs are increasingly questioning the value of print ads. But, print publications—like magazines—offer consumers a brand experience that can’t necessarily be achieved with less tangible forms of media, such as radio, TV and email. Here are four reasons to help you explain to advertisers why print is still a viable medium:

  1. It’s more tangible. Magazines are physical items; therefore, the advertiser’s message is expected to last longer than brief announcements broadcasted on-air.

  2. It’s more credible. The printed word can be highly informative since timing isn’t a primary constraint. Furthermore, ads that appear in familiar publications are often deemed more legitimate by consumers than unsolicited online flyers.

  3. It’s more engaging. Whereas website content is usually skimmed in a matter of seconds, advertisements in local magazines have a much higher chance of being read. Additionally, customers’ inboxes are often overflowing with non-newsworthy email campaigns, most of which remain largely ignored.

  4. It’s more targeted. Companies can strategically position their ads in print publications to better target their desired audience. For example, a used car dealership can choose to have its ad showcased in the community paper’s auto section, while a garden center can select ad space next to a feature on urban landscaping trends.


With today’s stiff market competition, advertising is imperative to a company’s marketing strategy and plays a crucial role in reaching out to new and existing customers. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are blinded by dollar figures and fail to understand the benefits that come with paid promotional content. Instead of taking an aggressive sales approach, educate your current and prospective clients on the many advantages of a strong (and ongoing!) ad campaign. All it takes is some careful budgeting and a tailored message to land more sales!

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